About Neam Labs

We are a Swedish software development company that specialize in bringing ideas to life digitally. We advise, architect, question and help concretize the visions of our clients (as well as some of our own).

Project Management

We help organize development efforts across teams of software engineers and product owners. There is no single solution that fits all projects. We have long term experience with agile software methodology, scrum routines, issue tracking, retrospectives, quality assurance, long term planning and prioritization and do our best to make sure that the relevant methods are used in the project at hand to ensure agility and long term value.


We are strong promoters of the Software Craftmanship manifesto and share it’s core values:

Not only working software,
but also well-crafted software.

Not only responding to change,
but also steadily adding value.

Not only individuals and interactions,
but also a community of professionals.

Not only customer collaboration,
but also productive partnerships.


We choose the technology based on the project at hand. Since we master certain technologies, we mostly end up building 12-factor Yii/PHP/Node.js apps, Supersonic/Cordova-based mobile native apps, or pure HTML5 apps. If we believe that the project is better built via a technology that we do not master, we’ll advise that someone else deliver the project.

Say Hello

Please contact us via our Facebook Page. Thanks 🙂